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Feast or Famine
By Gaby Beck RSS
Drama • 4,621w • English
Global Fiction RSS / September 2006
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A one act drama by Gaby Beck about a couple going through difficult ups and downs in their relationship. This play was performed at the Double Image Theater Festival, the New York Theater Festival and the Sidewalks Theater.

As the curtain rises, Nancy is straightening the living room and collecting the Sunday Times, which is spread around the room. Tom enters from the bathroom a moment later...

Keys: ham hock, home, job

Mucky Pups
By Peter Miller RSS
Novel • 33,809w • English
Global Fiction RSS / July 2001
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Ebook Comic novel by Peter Miller set in Scotland. Meet the band: Mitch, Mungo, Flopsy, Honeysuckle, Woody, Tuppenny Rice, Treacle, and, of course, Mister Billington Fox.

Stewpot head-butted the doorbell. He did it in slow motion. He hair-butted it really. There was no sound. Misjudging the distance, he ended up bent over at a right-angle, staring at the fag-butt floor...

Keys: dog, hair, head, face

The Iberian Horseshoe — A Journey
By Steve Porter RSS
Autobiography • 37,215w • English
Global Fiction RSS / December 2005
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Ebook Travelling through Spain and Portugal. A literary non-fiction work by Steve Porter, from Scotland.

The Sandeman silhouette, a figure with cape and a broad rimmed hat, was enjoying his eternal glass of port. Illuminated in the evening light but with his back to my camera, his anonymity remained intact...

Keys: Spanish, time, day

The Crier’s Sacrifice
By Nathan Black RSS
Novel • 68,614w • English
Global Fiction RSS / October 1999
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Ebook Nilrid, a young town crier, is thrown into a world of espionage and danger as he tries to stop an evil goddess. A fantasy novel by Nathan Black. Suitable for young readers.

In the town of Fyr’nay, the Royal News Service was already up and running. The sun had barely managed to peek its rim over the horizon, but in the large, wooden building, messengers and agents were creating a general state of chaos...

Keys: boy, wizard, king

Fraudulent Fertilisation
By Ricardo Ludovico Gulminelli RSS
Novel • 111,047w • English
Global Fiction RSS / May 2002
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Ebook Alicia needs help from Doctor lvez. But Doctor lvez has been waiting for a girl like this for several months and now that he has found her, he has a very important, crucial and perverse task for her: he will try to put a revolutionary idea into practice...

Finally in English, the novel by Ricardo Ludovico Gullminelli about the legal and moral consequences of the scientific advance in the field of artificial insemination. Translated from Spanish by Peter Miller.

To be honest with the readers of this book, I must confess that the story which breathes life into it is not the fruit of my imagination. An old friend told it to me, melancholy and inebriated, on a night out drinking...

Keys: child, love, life, father

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