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Fraudulent Fertilisation
Ricardo Ludovico Gulminelli

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Genre: Novel
Price: Free
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Length: 111,047 words (291 Kb)
1st. edition: December 2002

Alicia needs help from Doctor Álvez. But Doctor Álvez has been waiting for a girl like this for several months and now that he has found her, he has a very important, crucial and perverse task for her: he will try to put a revolutionary idea into practice...

Finally in English, the novel by Ricardo Ludovico Gullminelli about the legal and moral consequences of the scientific advance in the field of artificial insemination. Translated by Peter Miller.

Table of Contents
  • Prologue
  • Fraudulent fertilisation
About the author

Ricardo Ludovico Gulminelli’s biography is only available in Spanish.

What the readers think

Wonderful. I think that the story is fascinating, the situacion is provocative, and the end is surprising. Congratulations. It’s a fantastic book. I’m so happy to have found it.


In my opinion, Ricardo Ludovico Gulminelli is an excellent writer... I’m from Miami Beach (Florida) and I have been studying Spanish since 1999 and I’m very happy indeed that I had the opportunity to be able to read this wonderful book. I know that I liked it because he described everything so well, as if he had lived it, and I felt very identificated. I hope to read more materials from Ricardo Ludovico Gulminelli. Thank you!
Mary Jones

I fell in love after reading the description of the character Roberto Burán of Fraudulent Fertilisation (Episode 11). The man I am currently dating is so much like him... except, he’s not an Attorney. I work with Attorneys. I’m a legal assistant... and I think Attorneys are so fascinating!
Lucía Pérez

Me gustó la obra: me hizo sentir deseos de seguir leyendo página a página, no sólo por la trama, también porque me sentí identificado con su protagonista, su forma de ver las relaciones, su concepto de la mujer como compañera e igual. Hay también manifestaciones sobre determinados temas (aborto, matrimonio) que comparto y me hicieron reforzar mis propias opiniones.

Soy un asiduo lector y hacía mucho tiempo que un libro no me despertaba tantas emociones. Gracias a Badosa por publicar libros así (además gratuitos).

Javier Fdez.

Creo que se trata de una novela-folletín que, en cuanto atañe a aspectos judiciales, está muy bien documentada; se nota que el autor procede de la abogacía y judicatura. En el e-mail que le envié, le dije que vale más un folletín bien relatado que novela suspirada, pero no conseguida. Como escribe de lo que entiende, se le entiende todo lo que escribe. Salut i tenis-sala.

Como escribe de lo que entiende, se le entiende todo lo que escribe. Salut i tenis-sala.

Éste ha sido un gran libro, donde el lector se va adentrando a la vida de cada uno de los personajes, es un libro bien documentado en cada uno de los temas a los que se refiere. Debo felicitar a por brindarnos este servicio.
Claudia Sandoval

Mi opinión es que es una historia excelente. Me atrapó verdaderamente leer el libro, me enseñó, comprendí lo complejo que puede ser un tema que parece tan simple. Es un orgullo tener académicos de tan alto estirpe, espero que el Dr. Ricardo Gulminelli haga otras obras tan interesantes como es Fecundación fraudulenta.
Alejandra Bacone

Es un libro muy interesante, muy bien planteado, que lo atrapa en su lectura de principio a fin. Lo recomiendo ampliamente.
Leonor Martínez

Inquietante la secretaria, se llama Estela, como mi hermana ídem de un médico... Un saludo Ricardo,

Un libro que atrapa, una historia plausible, muy bien tratado el tema, mis felicitaciones para el Dr Ricardo Gulminelli.
Ricardo Mochkovsky

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By the same author
The Spanish original is also available as an ebook:

Fecundación fraudulenta


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Sample of the ebook

Friday 21 April 1989

Alicia stopped at the door of Esteban Álvez’s gynaecological practice. She was nervous, anguished. She felt that something unknown, worrying, perhaps dangerous, was lying in wait for her inside. Hesitantly, she pressed the doorbell. She needed help, she had no choice...
     Estela Cáceres, a quiet and gloomy secretary who had been working for Álvez for five years, ushered her in.
     The rooms were sober and decorated to be appealing. However, Alicia did not feel comfortable. There was something there that made her uneasy, something almost imperceptible, sinister. Something that gave her goose-pimples.
     Alicia is twenty-five years old and she’s magnificent, one of those girls who make a deep impression on men. She does not awaken a wild desire in them, nor a mere physical attraction; she generates deeper sensations, she moves warm and intimate fibres. She is a woman who leaves the flavour of her presence in everything. To see her leave, to lose her, to be unable to seize her, touch her, just caress her, can be painful. Small and warm Alicia knows this perfectly well, and that increases her magical charm. Running through her veins is the fiery Bologna blood of her parental grandparents and the noble Castilian blood from her mother’s side; the best of her ancestry found its synthesis in Alicia. The honey of her hair shines warmly, it merges with her eyes. Her image transmits a warm sensation of Autumn, a peaceful unity, a delicate harmony. Of medium height, she is neither very thin nor voluptuous, with small but pert breasts. Reserved, of an infrequent sweetness and hypnotic beauty, she is like a spring of affection, to drink from which is a pressing matter. Alicia is one of those who know that men almost inevitably fall in love with. It’s impossible to get close to her and come away unscathed. In spite of that, she is not arrogant, nor superficial, nor vain, but deep, sensitive, melancholic... She hates judging her fellow man, she prefers to be tolerant. Her humanitarian feelings induce her to be generous, to be good.
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