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Mucky Pups
Peter Miller

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Genre: Novel
Price: Free
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Length: 33,809 words (139 Kb)
1st. edition: July 2001

Meet the band: Mitch, Mungo, Flopsy, Honeysuckle, Woody, Tuppenny Rice, Treacle, and, of course, Mister Billington Fox. In a comic novel set in Scotland by Peter Miller.

Table of Contents
  • The Hounds of Love
  • The Wind Cries Mungo
  • Upwards and Onwards
  • Make Mine Funsize
  • This Is Murray’s Song
  • Girl on Bike
  • Life in the Fast Lane
  • Tuppenny Rice and Treacle
  • Hospital Shootout
  • About the Author
About the author

Peter Miller was born in Leicestershire in 1968. He studied English in Scotland before accepting a teaching post in Czechoslovakia. For the last eight years he has lived in Spain, where he works as a freelance translator. His publications include books about the internationally acclaimed film directors Bertrand Tavernier and Bernardo Bertolucci and catalogues for exhibitions by the Basque artists Jorge Oteiza and Ricardo Ugarte.

What the readers think

Hi, I was dumbfounded, as i zipped up my zippers, to see my name being used. Does Peter really know someone named Mitch Haycock? I am from the states, just curious... with "zipped lips"

Mitch Haycock

zipperless in Bayfield, Wisconsin


Bayfield County Coffee company

home of the zippy coffee

Mitch Haycock

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Sample of the ebook

Stewpot head-butted the doorbell. He did it in slow motion. He hair-butted it really. There was no sound. Misjudging the distance, he ended up bent over at a right-angle, staring at the fag-butt floor. It took him a few seconds to cotton on.
     “Coins,” he said, scanning the ground.
     In the meantime, Mitch bumped him from behind and his head rammed into the button. The cushioning of his curls delayed the doorbell, but didn’t stop it letting rip a bestial buzz, like a bee crossed with a cow. Mitch grabbed Stewpot round the waist and managed to pull him back an inch, letting the silence bloom for a few seconds before ramming Stewpot’s head back into the button.
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