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The Crier’s Sacrifice
Nathan Black

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Genre: Novel
Price: Free
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Length: 68,614 words (201 Kb)
1st. edition: September 2000

Nilrid, a young town crier, is thrown into a world of espionage and danger as he tries to stop an evil goddess. A fantasy novel by Nathan Black. Suitable for young readers.

Table of Contents
  • Part I: Infiltration
    1. The News
    2. Murder and Pursuit
    3. The High Wizard
    4. Hunted and Hunter
    5. Journeys
    6. Border Crossings
    7. Lessons
    8. Hidden Dangers
    9. Audiences
    10. In the Town
    11. Temple of the Dawn
    12. Missions
    13. Foul Surprises
    14. Monarchs and Mountains
    15. Arrivals
    16. Trio’s Journey
    17. The Infiltration
  • Part II: Imprisonment
    1. Questions
    2. Revenge
    3. Briefings
    4. A New Journey
    5. The Last Stretch
  • Part III: Aftermath
    1. Epilogue: The Martyr
  • About the Author
About the author

Nathan Black lives in Littleton, Colorado, USA. He has been writing ever since he has known how. He has been a staff reporter for his high school newspaper, and worked on several projects with publications such as The New York Times.

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Sample of the ebook

In the town of Fyr’nay, the Royal News Service was already up and running. The sun had barely managed to peek its rim over the horizon, but in the large, wooden building, messengers and agents were creating a general state of chaos.
     Nilrid was used to the disorder. He had served as a crier since he was twelve years old, calling out the news in the northern edge of Fyr’nay and some of the smaller villages inside the Wysia Forest. At fifteen, he stood nearly six feet tall, with muscular legs, a towering posture and light brown hair. His parents and most of his friends lived in a small village called Gastrin, in the neighboring country of Mallsey. While Nilrid enjoyed his job, and was paid well, he always felt as though he didn’t belong in Fyr’nay.
     Taking his trumpet out his case and assembling the various pieces, he pulled a sheet of paper out of his pocket and looked over the day’s news...
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