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The Iberian Horseshoe — A Journey
Steve Porter

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Genre: Autobiography
Price: Free
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Length: 37,215 words (142 Kb)
1st. edition: December 2007

Travelling through Spain and Portugal. A literary non-fiction work by Steve Porter.

Table of Contents
  • Part I: North West
    • Postcard from Oporto
    • The Planners’ Dream Goes Wrong
    • Vía Norte & Clínica Fátima
    • Baker Street
    • El Grove
    • Valeri Stayed with the Tsar, I Followed Mazinho
    • “Fucking Peasants”
    • Meeting Kane, Teaching Jesus
    • Arctic Lovers — No Dub
    • Celtic Stones?
    • On Spanish Radio
    • Slow Taxi to Vigo
    • Christmas in Santiago
    • Boxing Day in Muros
    • Villain on my Tail
  • Part II: South West
    • Esteban & María
    • Not Bilbao
    • Cars, Elephants & the Rent
    • The Ghost of Laurie Lee & a Tale of Loneliness
    • A Very Irish Interview
    • The New George Best on the Playa Victoria
    • Carnival & Kazoos
    • The Great Peapod Escape
    • Andalusian Day
    • Waiting for Hamish
    • How We Captured Toby
    • Cádiz Tea Party
    • Señora Andalucía
    • Trout Fishing in Málaga
  • Part III: South East
    • A Good Walk Unspoiled
    • City of Lost Soles
    • TV, Lingoes & Birthday Wrapping
    • My Students
    • No Sleep on All Souls Day
    • Local Sport & Chat
    • A Guided Tour
    • The Bullfight & Pronunciation
    • An Unorthodox Job Interview & the Festive Season
    • Cigarettes, Alcohol & the Days under Franco
    • On Cockroaches
    • When is a Bridge not a Bridge?
    • Almost a Night in Granada
    • The Dogs of Villajoyosa
    • Uncle Bill & Aunt Margo
    • Food & Nutrition
    • Reading Garrison Keillor at San Gabriel
    • Boro Wine
    • A Relegation Battle
    • On the Beach at Guardamar
  • Part IV. North East
    • Championing Defeat
    • Dear Mary
    • The Pacesetters
    • A Very Scottish Name
    • A Game of Chess
    • The Pianist
    • Halloween
    • All Souls Day
    • Nino Goes to Hospital
    • The Medieval Market
    • Valeri & the Tsar at the Camp Nou
    • Class Rules
    • A Catalan Christmas
    • Vigatan Fog
    • Highs & Lows around Girona
    • Last Minute Love Talk
    • Snow is not the Answer
    • Somewhere between Glory & Disgrace
    • Searching for the Source of Miquel Martí i Pol
    • One Way Ticket Home
    • The Bank of Jazz
    • A Catalan Wedding
    • The World Cup
    • Squirrels & the General Strike
    • Twin Towers
    • Paul Auster / Thanks for all that
    • Hand Gestures & a Return to Cádiz
    • The Dalí Witches’ Spell
    • Portbou
    • Cerbère
  • About the Author
About the author

Born 1969, in Inverness, Scotland, Steve Porter studied European history, Spanish and philosophy at Edinburgh University before moving to Vigo in 1998, where the Iberian journey began. He writes poetry, travel and sports articles.

What the readers think

I have read some poems by Steven Porter and I liked them very much. He has a big poetry knowledge and a large sensitivity to write poems. Now I’m interested in his new book The Iberian Horsehoe because I want to know his point of view about Spanish people and about my country. I would like you to publish more things by Steven Porter.


Just a note to let you know how much I dislike Steve Porter’s The Iberian Horseshoe. His arrogance makes me believe he’s an American in disguise. Cheers,
Wade Bell

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The Sandeman silhouette, a figure with cape and a broad rimmed hat, was enjoying his eternal glass of port. Illuminated in the evening light but with his back to my camera, his anonymity remained intact.
     The river flowed under the Ponte Dom Luis 1 on its way from central Spain to the Atlantic. The Portuguese writer, Jose Saramago, once stood a few hundred kilometres upstream from here at a narrow border crossing in the remote Tras-os-Montes region. He wondered if the fish needed passports to swim on through and what language they used...
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