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Fraudulent Fertilisation

Episode 3

Ricardo Ludovico Gulminelli
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Now in absolute control of the situation, Álvez spat out his words:

“So you chose me as a philanthropist, that’s a laugh. Would you care to tell me why? I’ve never seen you before, you turn up flat broke, your sister’s thirteen years old, almost three months pregnant and has a blood deficiency. The risk is enormous, your parents can’t authorise anything, they can’t even know about it. In spite of all this, happy as Larry, you want me to risk my neck to carry out an abortion on a child. Tell me, do I look stupid? Little girl, you’re mistaken, what you ask of me is rash. You’ve got no right, you’re outside the law and you want me to be outside the law as well. And, what’s worse, without seeing so much as a miserable cent. I don’t want anything to do with minors. It’s madness to get involved with them. Today they beg you and tomorrow they accuse you. I repeat, it’s imprudent, believe me.”

“Doctor Álvez... It’s not like that in this case, I promise you. My sister is incapable of hurting others.”

“You can’t assure anything, and well you know it. It’s a big pregnancy, almost three months. Do you have any idea what a foetus is like at that age? It’s already quite developed, it’s barbarous! I don’t like doing it, I have my limits. I don’t know why you’ve left it this late to look for a solution! Tears won’t solve the problem! You should have thought earlier!”

Defeated, embarrassed, Alicia tried to explain the reasons for the delay:

“Doctor, my sister is a child. She didn’t dare tell anybody. She didn’t even understand what was happening. A few days ago she realised and told me immediately. Since then I haven’t stopped looking for professional help, sadly without yielding anything. I beg you to save her, doctor!”

“How do you know I’d be saving her like that? What if tomorrow she puts the blame on you for forcing her to have an abortion? Your father knows nothing. Tomorrow he’ll be the first one to report me!”

Álvez’s bad manners humiliated her even more, but she couldn’t waver in her endeavours. Alicia continued her appeal with anguish.

“No doctor! Nobody will report you! Mabel is desperate, she threatening to commit suicide, she repeats over and over that she doesn’t want the baby, she says she’ll kill it if it’s born...”

The young woman’s voice contained a moving tone of supplication which was difficult to disregard. But Esteban Álvez was too used to such scenes to soften up. He was not a paragon of virtue, he didn’t stand out for his sensitivity. On the contrary, he was characterised by his cold, ordered reasoning. The profession for him was always a profitable business, he was not a benefactor. When he gave a helping hand, he did it more through sympathy than through piety. The only thing that Álvez was interested in was turning the young woman into his instrument. He had to persuade her to fulfil a dark mission, the conquest of a man... Roberto Burán. That was priority number one, it made no sense to take pity because he had already decided to solve her problem if Alicia would collaborate with him. The young woman could resist no longer, the pressure she was under was too great. For a moment, Álvez wanted to take advantage, she was too young and beautiful for him not to feel tempted, even a man of his experience. He moved closer slowly, holding Alicia’s fragile neck tight. She started to tremble like a leaf, but she didn’t reject him, she was showing him her absolute availability with her gesture. She would be his slave if necessary. Álvez enjoyed this lack of rejection. He realised that Alicia was limitlessly subjugated to him.

“She’s so beautiful!” he thought.

He lowered his right hand slowly, briefly brushing against Alicia’s breasts. He could feel them small and pert under her blouse. Then he held her, without pressing her against his body. His hands moved down, caressing the outline of the young woman. Alicia was palpitating, like a captured bird. He delicately squeezed her firm thighs, caressed her buttocks. He enjoyed his contact with this youth that showed itself to be indulgent, forcibly submissive. He had parked his right hand between Alicia’s legs when he realised she was crying.

Translation: Peter Miller (© 2002)
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Copyright ©Ricardo Ludovico Gulminelli, 1990
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