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Fraudulent Fertilisation

Episode 4

Ricardo Ludovico Gulminelli
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The crystalline shine of her eyes made him react brusquely. He returned to reality, moved quickly away from her.

“I’ve allowed my emotions to run away with me,” thought Álvez, “I can’t be that stupid, even though this creature is exquisite... Thanks to her I’ll be rich, I mustn’t forget that. She’ll supply me with much more than a momentary pleasure, I must contain myself.”

The doctor knew that the young woman had unusual powers of seduction, that her victim, so carefully chosen, would not be able to resist her. Thanks to her he would get his revenge. His sinister plan required the contribution of this beautiful young woman. He could not allow himself the luxury of compromising it just because of his desire to possess her.

He had meticulously studied every detail of the despicable business that he was going to undertake. What had delayed him was the search for the woman he would use as bait. She should be capable of dazzling the chosen prey so that he would fall into the trap.

“The moment has arrived to deliver a masterful blow, to take my revenge on Burán,” thought the doctor. “I’ll make him pay for the humiliation he’s caused me, that accursed fellow will regret it forever. I’ll make him suffer, I’ll get a mountain of money out of him.”

Álvez needed money; because of his gambling in the casino, he had got into debt beyond his means. He must make sure of success. To achieve it, who better than Alicia? The sweet and desperate Alicia arrived like a gift from heaven. Álvez spoke to her slowly, trying to hide his enthusiasm.

“Look, my child, the truth is that your situation has moved me, but I can’t help thinking that getting your little sister out of a spot is really risky. I don’t need the money,” lied Álvez, “but it worries me that she’s a minor. The truth is I think what’s happening to her is very sad, I’m going to lend you a hand... Of course, with a slight condition.”

“What is it doctor? Tell me, I’m prepared.”

Alicia was sure he was going to ask her to go to bed with him.

“Basically, it’s a charitable act... Don’t be frightened.”

He had perceived her disquiet.

“Look, an old and good friend of mine, who also happens to be one of my patients, needs a special favour...”

“What favour, Doctor Álvez?”

“I can’t tell you the reason, but she needs to know if her former lover, Roberto Burán, is the father of her only son. Don’t ask me anything else, the only thing I can assure you is that she does not want to do him any harm, but rather obtain that information which is relevant to her. The lady is estranged from Burán, they had an intimate relationship a long time ago. There is only one way to check his paternity, that is to have a sample of his semen to subject it to a biochemical analysis. Preferably, it should be sperm from a first ejaculation. Do you follow me?”

Alicia was astonished.

“Doctor, I’m not sure I understand. Are you suggesting that I go to bed with a stranger in order to extract a sample of his sperm?”

Álvez sighed and simulating patience, he continued...

“I know it’s not very nice, you’d have to see it in a different light. In the first place, you’d really be doing an act of charity, this women really suffers, you’d stop her from going on torturing herself.”

Alicia didn’t understand, everything seemed unreal.

“I don’t know doctor, this seems very strange to me, very bizarre. Who is the woman?”

My dear Alicia Sandrelli, I told you quite clearly that I couldn’t tell you anything, you’ll have to make do with the information that I’m giving you and my word of honour. I already told you that no harm will come to anyone.”

“What you’re doing is despicable, doctor. You know I’m desperate to solve Mabel’s problem. What you’re asking of me is disgusting, it’s outrageous. It’s all very dirty, I don’t trust you, you’re hiding something bad from me.”

Álvez understood that he had gone too far, he was running the risk of losing his bait. He decided to moderate the way he put his case.

“All right dear, listen to me, I’m going to tell you a few details, but you have to swear that you’ll never tell anyone. Okay?”

“Yes,” said Alicia.

“Right,” Álvez went on, “then I’ll explain... It’s not what you think, what I’m asking of you is honest. My friend had a son who might be Burán’s. It’s possible that it’s not his, because at the same time she was having relations with another man, her legitimate husband. This lady, who is now a widow, has terminal cancer, with metastasis in the whole organism; she won’t live for more than two months. She only wants to know before she dies who is the true father of her son. Only by obtaining his semen will we be able to discover the information we’re after. Simple, isn’t it?”

Alicia still didn’t trust him.

“Why doesn’t she speak to her former lover and ask him to collaborate?” she said.

The doctor answered quickly, with a smile, “But my dear! Do you think Roberto Burán is stupid? Do you think he’s going to turn up for an analysis which could compromise him? What’s more, he doesn’t want to see my friend any more, their relationship was broken off a long time ago. And besides, she doesn’t want to see Burán either. In short, only with the help of another woman would it be possible to obtain the semen sample.”

Alicia went on asking questions:

“But doctor, how do I know you’re telling the truth? I don’t know, I don’t like any of this.”

Álvez continued trying to persuade her...

“Look dear, do you think I’d propose this to you if it was something bad? No, believe me I wouldn’t. Besides, I could look for someone else I trusted, not a stranger. I’m telling you because you seem to me to be a sensitive, attractive girl. I would advise you not to look for so many complications in the matter. You need to solve your problem. I’ll free you of it, without charging you a cent. Isn’t that enough? My friend’s anxiety to find out the truth has spiralled the last few weeks. She doesn’t want to die without finding out, it’s her dying wish.”

“If I get the sample and discover that Burán is the father,” asked Alicia, “will anything happen to him?”

Álvez said:

“Look, certainly nothing financial, because my friend has an immense fortune, and she won’t tell her son either. He’s convinced that his legitimate father is the one who died. If she told him everything, it would cause him psychological damage. She doesn’t even want access to the sperm sample. Trust me...”

“All right,” Alicia said, “it seems logical enough, I have to believe it. Well doctor, I’ll collaborate, I have no choice, circumstances don’t leave me any other option. I hope that if God exists, he will forgive me for what I’m going to do. When will I have to carry out this task?”

“Ah, that... Yes, it’s urgent,” and he added smiling ironically, “In that dear, you haven’t got any time to lose either, isn’t that right? We’re both in a big hurry...”

Translation: Peter Miller (© 2002)
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Copyright ©Ricardo Ludovico Gulminelli, 1990
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