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Mucky Pups
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Novella • 33.809p • Angls
Global Fiction RSS / Juliol 2001
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Ebook Comic novel by Peter Miller set in Scotland. Meet the band: Mitch, Mungo, Flopsy, Honeysuckle, Woody, Tuppenny Rice, Treacle, and, of course, Mister Billington Fox.

Stewpot head-butted the doorbell. He did it in slow motion. He hair-butted it really. There was no sound. Misjudging the distance, he ended up bent over at a right-angle, staring at the fag-butt floor...

Claus: dog, hair, head, face

Mucky Pups

Hi, I was dumbfounded, as i zipped up my zippers, to see my name being used. Does Peter really know someone named Mitch Haycock? I am from the states, just curious... with "zipped lips"

Mitch Haycock

zipperless in Bayfield, Wisconsin


Bayfield County Coffee company

home of the zippy coffee

Mitch Haycock

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