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Fraudulent Fertilisation

Episode 17

Ricardo Ludovico Gulminelli
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They reached a big, comfortable room, in which there was even a jacuzzi. The music was soft and melodic and everything invited love. He kissed her affectionately, caressing her at the same time, learning her geography. She let him do it, putting up no obstacles. On the contrary, she invited him to carry on kissing his lover’s neck, caressing her thighs, her back. Everything seemed magical to him, he was the protagonist of a wonderful dream; every inch of Alicia’s skin was an invitation for his lips. He covered all the twists and turns of her body, getting closer to the forbidden areas, which she generously offered him. Normally, when he made love, he used all his resources: the important thing was to give pleasure to his loved one. The sexual kiss was an indispensable weapon for Roberto. He didn’t want to be selfish, so it made him happy that his companion enjoyed sex with him. He didn’t like using women as a mere object for his enjoyment. That’s why it was of fundamental importance that Alicia should vibrate and, in this case, he stuck to his rules of conduct. He felt only one difference, a novelty in his own sensations: this time, Roberto enjoyed everything enormously, he had never felt it like that. It was as if happiness that he gave her had repercussions inside him. His own pleasure was in her pleasure, what’s more, he could only be satisfied if he felt that she was satisfied at the same time. In short, Alicia became the centre of the sexual relations; it was the waves that came from her that set up the rhythm and enjoyment of Roberto. He could not remember ever having tasted with such delight the enjoyment of another. Alicia noticed, she made even greater efforts to make him happy and achieved it completely. They lavished on each other all the attentions that love has invented, they drank the essences that announce the explosion, avoiding it just in time. If both of them had had to classify those moments, they could have said simply that they would never forget them, that when the time for death, the unavoidable parting, arrived, those instants would be present. The pleasure experienced, the aroma of the skin loved, its pleasant transpiration. They verified once more that when a man and a woman really attract each other, everything seems compatible. the feeling of disgust completely disappears and, on the contrary, a healthy enchantment of one for the other is generated. To kiss, lick, bite and penetrate, is indispensable; each nook and cranny of the loved one’s body must be explored. It is an exciting experience, sublime because it is shared. To enjoy in intimacy is total abandonment. That complete offering of oneself, that limitless knowing of oneself, causes a sense of community in the couple, of complicity or collusion in love, in the lowliest passions. Few things unite a man and a woman as much: one could almost say it’s a before and after. A woman is not the same after having really “belonged” to a man; no matter how much we try to disguise this fact with criticism of conventionality or displays of informality, that’s the way it is. The woman is grateful for being possessed, that someone owns her, she likes to belong, even if it is figuratively or for only a few moments. She wants to be subjugated by the man she loves, she needs it. When the moment of maximum excitement arrived, Roberto didn’t make Alicia remind him that he should use a condom. With total consideration, overcoming his instincts, he stopped to put it on; he didn’t like doing it, but he didn’t complain. When he was ready, he steeled himself to possess her: he was afraid that the hyper excitement he felt would inhibit him, that it would affect his erection. It had happened to him several times, especially at first contact. He wasn’t prepared to run that risk, he was afraid of giving a less than virile image... But basically he couldn’t bear the idea of delaying the yearned for “appropriation” of the young girl. He rapidly positioned himself between Alicia’s legs, as she invited, and slowly, carefully, sweetly, he penetrated her. To sink himself in that oasis of youth revitalised him: he felt wonderfully well inside there. It was as if their different ages had been confused, got mixed up, and as a consequence, a new and miraculous being had arisen, made of both of them. He really felt part of her, and she, part of him. Had he ever experienced anything like it? He couldn’t remember; perhaps when he was a teenager, in his earliest fiery romances. But everything seemed to have been erased now, only Alicia existed, her firm thighs slid beneath Roberto’s body like darting fish, he rested his forehead on her small and perfect breasts, kissing them, licking them, tasting them like an avid baby. She was radiant, euphoric. She left the dramatic situation she was living through to one side for the moments, devoting herself exclusively to living intensely that exciting copulation. Transported, in the prime of life, feeling loved, desired, protected, Alicia rested on an imaginary cloud of supreme bonanza. That body that was penetrating her, that voice that was whispering affectionate phrases in her ear, those hands that covered her body, that caressed her and trembled, were the legitimate carriers of a message of true love, of pure affection without self interest. With tears in her eyes, she was grateful to be loved so warmly, so charitably. Roberto wanted to squeeze her in his arms until she couldn’t breathe, such was his desire to melt into her. He loved every piece of the girl, her freshness, her simple beauty, the scent of her skin and everything that made up her sex, magical door of access to a hidden dimension of pleasure . Thanks to her he had ascended to an upper level of sublime arousal. Alicia was the first one to reach orgasm. She hadn’t had sex for a long time, since breaking up with her last boyfriend, Esteban. Almost six months had passed, sex was strange, she needed it, she hadn’t found the occasion nor the appropriate person to allow it of herself. Now she abandoned herself to pleasure without any obstacles. The sexual tension repressed for so many months bloomed suddenly and violently. her contractions made her shudder and at that pinnacle of sensations she was intensely happy. Roberto, for his part, was not unaware of that overflowing. Inevitably, he was dragged along by its current. He also collapsed, spilling his contained essence and immediately fainting on the girl’s breast. They were left embracing each other, covered in sweat that, like the other humours they had shared, tied them intimately. Alicia came to as if wounded by a spear: she suddenly remembered that she had to carry out her mission. Awakening early from the effects of the sensational fusion that she had enjoyed with her loved one, she prepared to carry out the thankless task. She lowered her hand, softly caressing Roberto’s sex; he was sleeping deeply, as if drugged, still drunk with pleasure and enjoying the contact with Alicia enormously. He was totally relaxed and incapable of reacting at all. That made the girl’s work much easier. By means of slow caresses, she removed the condom from her man’s penis, carefully, slowly, without him realising he was the object of anything other than caresses. At last, she had the valuable contents completely intact in her hands. She went to the bathroom, tied a knot at the top end of the condom and gazed at the semen that Roberto had so generously spilled inside it. That primordial dose was nothing less than the price of her sister’s salvation, but also the symbol of the charming union they had experienced. She put the vital cargo into a thermic receptacle that the gynaecologist had given her especially. She did not know under what conditions the sperm had to be kept, although she noticed that the inside of the container had a very low temperature. Hesitantly, she limited herself to fulfilling the task.

“And what if I don’t hand the sperm over to Álvez?” she asked herself again; she could ask Guillermo to masturbate and hand over his semen to Álvez. Would he ever find out? “No, it’s too risky,” the girl concluded in the end, “if he discovered the trick, he’d never do Mabel’s operation; besides, what damage to Roberto would I avoid this way? I’m thinking stupid things, I must also understand I have no right to involve my cousin in this filthy business as well.”

As always, once again she thought she was stuck in a blind alley. When she went back to bed, Roberto was fast asleep and a smile blossomed on his lips. The girl was grateful that it was like that, because that way she wouldn’t have to face him or disguise her betrayal; she lay down again at his side. When she closed her eyes, all the experiences she had gone through over the last few hours came flooding back, the good and the bad. As she was dozing off, images of Mabel paraded past, of her mother telling her off for what she was doing, of the unscrupulous Álvez, even of her former boyfriend, with whom she had not wanted to get married, because she found out that she didn’t love him. And again she felt the feverish sensation of being penetrated by Roberto, his orgasmic fainting fit. At last she fell asleep and her ghosts stopped bothering her.

Translation: Peter Miller (© 2002)
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