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Fraudulent Fertilisation

Episode 8

Ricardo Ludovico Gulminelli
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She got up as if she was going; she was really offended, especially because she hadn’t liked the word ‘will’. She thought it implied a lack of trust, and that made her sick, even though she was used to forgiving him everything... Álvez put his hands on the desk, pronouncing his words slowly and clearly.

“Wait, don’t get neurotic, you’ll see in a minute, I’ll keep it short... The truth of the matter is that the business I’m going to propose to you is a bit shady, but succulent, juicy. Believe me, it’s worthwhile.”

“Get to the point, dear,” said Juanita impatiently.

OK, you know very well that lots of women look for a candidate with money to get married; that’s no secret. Some manage to have a child with a well-off man, in this way that get maintenance until the child comes of age and that way their economic problems are over. When they grow up, children generally help their mother out, which allows her to extend the period of bonanza, which sometimes lasts until she dies. What’s more, having the usufruct of minors’ property can be profitable. And well, within this scheme, it’s clear that the more money the victim has, the better.”

“What are you suggesting, Esteban...?”

“How would you like to take a jerk for a ride?”

Juanita was rendered immobile by the surprise; she reacted violently...

“Do you mean to say that I go to bed with a millionaire, to have a child with him? You’re completely mad! What’s got into your head? I’d never degrade myself like that. To go along with him, to go to bed with someone I might find disgusting, no dear, I know I’m not a saint, but I won’t sacrifice myself like that. I don’t feel like it...”

“Don’t rule it out so easily, dear,” he said.

“You’ve gone too far, Esteban. To top it all, to get pregnant after having sex just once would be difficult. I’m not attracted by the idea of having sex several times with a stranger. I honestly don’t understand you... I don’t know how you could ask me such a thing, to get myself pregnant by a guy who’s completely unknown to you, just because you want to fill your coffers up with gold! I knew you were soulless, but I didn’t think you were that bad... Thank you for the invitation, I think you know where you can stick it.”

“Don’t be like that, Juanita. Aren’t we friends? I’m surprised you react like that... Listen my love, I’m going to confess a weakness... I’m not just doing it for money, I also want revenge.”

“Ah!” she said as if Álvez’s confession had calmed her down, “Now I’m beginning to understand... Let’s see, explain it to me.”

He sat back in an armchair and taking Juanita by the hand he said,

“The victim I have chosen almost bankrupted me, because of that swine I lost out on a piece of business worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yes, it’s who you think it is, your esteemed Roberto Burán... I don’t know whether you remember that I had bought from a widow an enormous property in the Los Troncos neighbourhood in Mar del Plata. It was a beautiful mansion worth at least four hundred thousand notes, which I bought for just one hundred thousand. The woman who sold it to me needed money to deal with a lot of debts, I took advantage of her situation and got the hundred thousand together. We registered the property without problems, but six months later the old woman who sold me the house wanted to recompose the price of the operation. Her lawyer was Burán. This bastard alleged that I had abused his client, I flatly denied it. They took me to court, alleging a misdemeanour in the purchase and they demonstrated that there was a disproportion between the real value and what I had paid. They certified the old woman’s state of necessity, not just because of the economic imbalance, but with other proof as well. To cut a long story short, I lost the case... The Court of Mar del Plata sentenced me to pay compensation of two hundred thousand dollars if I wanted to keep the house. If not, I’d have to leave the operation ineffective and they would reimburse me the hundred thousand that I paid, after the deduction of fees. In the end, not only did I lose the building, but also the hundred thousand I’d paid. It was impossible to increase the price, to comply with the demands of the Court, I had to cover costs, pay the lawyers and the adjuster. A real disaster, I almost didn’t recover from the blow. As you can see, I have reason to hate him...”

Juanita nodded in understanding.

“Yes, I remember you were very worried, that the trial was going badly, but do you think it’s the lawyer’s fault? After all, he fulfilled his duty, didn’t he?”

Álvez became serious, thought for an instant about what he was going to say and commented...

“I don’t know, I think this cretin Burán went way too far, he didn’t want to reach a reasonable agreement. He’s a son of a bitch, I want to hurt him however I can. Now I’ve got the chance to take revenge, to get back what I lost because of him, to even come out making a profit.”

Juanita Artigas looked at him lovingly, it was extraordinary how that man managed to move her, she really liked being by his side. In spite of everything, Juanita said...

“Look, I understand, but unfortunately I’m not prepared to do it.”

Álvez, who knew her only too well, asked ironically...

“Not even for a million dollars?”

It was a bull’s eye, Juanita didn’t know what to say. Finally she answered hesitantly...

“Well, I don’t know, let’s see, tell me about it,” and added jokingly, “When do I have to go to bed with him?”

She immediately corrected herself...

“Hey! It was a joke, don’t think I’ve agreed.”

Álvez smiled slightly, she hadn’t let him down. He went on explaining...

“Darling, you know that Burán has just become filthy rich at fifty years old. He’s got a fortune which he inherited six months ago from his father. His old man handled an estate estimated at least six or seven million dollars, mainly agricultural land. You’ll remember that he left our prey’s mother when the latter was very small and went to live with another woman with whom he never had any children and who died more than four years ago. Our future quarry is the sole inheritor of Mister Guillermo Burán, no one else but him, seeing as he’s an only child. Suddenly, our little Roberto found himself with an enormous windfall which I don’t think he knows how to handle; he’s too stupid to value his wealth.”

“All right, Esteban, but Roberto was never hard up: he’s always lived in comfort, he’s made progress in his chosen profession of lawyer, I think he published some interesting articles.”

“That’s true, Juanita, he’s even a university professor, but without fanfares or a great deal of money. Let’s say he stands out from the crowd without being a star. Getting back to the heart of the matter, it would seem that all the money that rained down on him from the heavens has not gone to his head. It’s as if he has more than enough, isn’t it? And this, apart from my enormous desire for revenge, is what has awakened my appetite. I wouldn’t have a cent too much; what’s more, to tell the truth I need it urgently: it’s vital that I pay my debts off quickly. I’m offering to make part of that fortune yours.”

Juanita couldn’t believe her ears.

“Esteban, are you in danger? Who are your creditors?” was all she managed to say,

“I’d rather not talk about that, Juani.”

“But I would, I want to know. If you don’t tell me, you can count me out.”

“All right, they’re moneylenders: I lost money in the casino, I went mad. You know how these things are, I was an idiot, but now I’ve got no way out. I have to pay them the money back come what may; I can put them off for a while, but not for long. The Burán business could be, should be, my salvation. Do you understand me now?”

“Yes, my love, I’ll do everything I can for you, although you’re asking too much of me... What exactly do you want me to do? To have a child with him?”

Álvez answered quickly,


Now embroiled in the sinister plan, Juanita thought for a moment and made a suggestion.

“It wouldn’t be so difficult if it was a stranger, but with Roberto you know it’s complicated: he hates me, he won’t let me get close to him. I treated him very badly years ago. I revealed secrets from his legal practice and caused big trouble for him. Besides, even supposing I could go to bed with him once, how could I be sure of getting pregnant?”

“Don’t worry about that dear, I’ll take care of it.”

“All right, Esteban, but when I think that I’ve got to have a child with him, I swear it makes me shudder.”

“Look, little girl, let’s be frank: you told me you wanted to have a child even if you were single. The only thing that frightened you was the child’s upbringing and maintenance. Well, I’ve solved the problem for you, what more do you want? I trust you, I know you won’t buckle under the pressure, you won’t let me down. I’m offering you what you want so much: a child.”

Juanita blushed, something very unusual in her.

“But I was talking about having a child with you...” she murmured.

Translation: Peter Miller (© 2002)
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