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Geneviève Gaillard-Vanté is a poet, a writer, a painter, a traveler, an interior decorator, a voice talent... the soul of an artist. She is the author of the novel Ombres du temps (Prix Deschamps 2001 Special 25th anniversary). Distinguished Member of the International Society of Poets and Member of Toastmasters International, her poetry appeared in Priceless Treasures, a hardbound anthology published by The National Library of Poetry. Her poem entitled “The Greatest City”, certified in 1997 as a semi-finalist in the North American Open Poetry Contest, was entered into the final competition held in winter of the same year.

She received from the National Library of Poetry the Editor’s Choice Award 1997 for outstanding achievement in poetry. For her novel Ombres du temps, in july 2002 she was selected by the American Biographical Institute (ABI) for inclusion in the Contemporary Who’s Who edition on the basis of merited accomplishments and success in contemporary society.

Badosa.com has published her short stories La nuit miraculeuse (in French), Héros de Bagdad (in French), Everlasting romanza and Cercle parallèle (in French; also available in Spanish).

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Geneviève Gaillard-Vanté

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