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Susan Abraham is a Malaysian-Indian traveller and writer. She worked as a fashion journalist for a woman’s magazine in Singapore for several years. She has also written and acted in childrens’ and adults’ radio plays, aired over Radio Malaysia and has had poetry published in small press magazines in England. After a stint in journalism, she became a traveller, living in Australia, East Africa and London. Susan Abraham is currently writing a novel and a play in Dublin, Ireland.

My poetry bears its passion from my exuberant love for life, living in the moment and witnessing magic in simple everyday things. I collect my inspiration for characters and subjects from sitting in cafes and observing other unsuspecting diners with careful interest. I love watching the world go by on rainy afternoons or browsing around forgotten obscure bookshops.

Badosa.com has published her poetry collection Stoking the Fire.

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Susan Abraham

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