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An Autobiography

Table of Contents

Anthony Trollope
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About This Edition

This first edition in ebook form of An Autobiography by Anthony Trollope has three noteworthy features. The Preface, by Trollope’s son, has been moved to the end of the book, after the Autobiography itself. We think it makes more sense there. Secondly, in a few cases, punctuation has been slightly simplified in accordance with present standards. Finally, we have added a subject index and an author index and, with the modern reader in mind, we have included the English translation of the Latin quotations.

Table of contents
Chapter NameChapter Title
Chapter IMy education. 1815-1834
Chapter IIMy mother
Chapter IIIThe General Post Office. 1834-1841
Chapter IVIreland—my first two novels. 1841-1848
Chapter VMy first success. 1849-1855
Chapter VIBarchester Towers and The Three Clerks. 1855-1858
Chapter VIIDoctor ThorneThe BertramsThe West Indies and The Spanish Main
Chapter VIIIThe Cornhill Magazine and Framley Parsonage
Chapter IXCastle Richmond; Brown, Jones, and Robinson; North America; Orley Farm
Chapter XThe Small House at Allington, Can You Forgive Her?, Rachel Ray, and the Fortnightly Review
Chapter XIThe Claverings, the Pall Mall Gazette, Nina Balatka, and Linda Tressel
Chapter XIIOn novels and the art of writing them
Chapter XIIIOn English novelists of the present day
Chapter XIVOn criticism
Chapter XVThe Last Chronicle of Barset—leaving the Post Office—St. Paul’s Magazine
Chapter XVIBeverley
Chapter XVIIThe American Postal Treaty—The question of copyright with America—Four more novels
Chapter XVIIIThe Vicar of BullhamptonSir Harry HotspurAn Editor’s TalesCaesar
Chapter XIXRalph the HeirThe Eustace DiamondsLady AnnaAustralia
Chapter XXThe Way We Live Now and The Prime Minister—Conclusion
Author Index
Subject Index
Table of related information
Copyright ©Anthony Trollope, 1883
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Date of publicationNovember 2003
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