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Not Painted, NYC, 1970’s
Por Margaret Wilmot RSS
Poesa • 1.950p • Ingls
A Hot January RSS / Marzo 2006
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New York City. 14 evocative poems by Margaret Wilmot.

  • Boy with Basketball
  • Pick-up with Wings
  • Spanish Onions
  • That Strange Intimacy
  • Painting
  • August 1974
  • Window-shopping at Tiffany’s
  • Not Unpainted
  • The Skewed Heart
  • Minutes
  • Chat with Hat
  • Valentine
  • Lifts
  • Fire-escape
In sneakers and singlet he smiles sprinting by.

The narrow housefronts flush, grow warm.

Children on a stoop talk rules to a game, pointing out

sidewalk trees, which, thickly green, give off

a breath of summer, and day’s end. Lime-green

a woman slices over to the cafe, all glass, all reflection

as a red sun burns down to the horizon...

Claves: sun, light, windows

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