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Indifference to names and other poems
Por John Horvth Jr. RSS
Poesa • 1.891p • Ingls
A Hot January RSS / Febrero 2003
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Six poems by John Horvth Jr. He writes:

Every poet knows foundations, the beginnings of things structured, formalized, captured. Poets build on these much as an internal decorator must build around re-existing structures. There is art in hiding the squares, the straight lined beams, the corners where spiders lurk. A poet’s empathy and sympathy render things observed more open to discussion, more human, and more dignified—less captured and unchanging. My technique is to revise a longhand sketch to traditional form/meter (not necessarily English); then, revise to “free” verse/lyric narrative. Thus, I explore. I distance myself from a subject because, as Plato noted, “Poetry endangers the established order of the soul.” Poetry must endanger; so, poets must use care.
  • Bekah cathedral
  • Foreman Ferenchaza
  • Short steelmill life of Steven Seraphim Novanglus
  • There must be dreams from which one cannot walk away
  • Blue lioness
  • Indifference to names
“in nomine patri”

She was conceived in a holy place.

Far from where she stands, architects

saw her before first stones were cut...

Claves: dream, love, walk, time

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