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Badosa.com is not accepting more texts right now. Texts received later than April 4th, 2010 will not be accepted. The submission guidelines below are not considered valid and are showed for information purposes only.

Texts are published for free at Badosa.com: the author doesn’t get paid, the readers are not charged.

Only unpublished texts are admitted at Badosa.com. This includes all the media, also —and particularly— the Internet. If your work has been published before, please let us know.

Literary works must be attached to an email message (subject: “Submission”) and send to:

Accepted text formats are:

  • RichText (*.rtf)
  • MS Word (*.doc)

You should never send documents bigger than 75Kb: please, talk to us first. You are allowed to ZIP (compress) your documents.

At the beginning of your document, please state:

  1. The title of your work
  2. The genre of your work (subtitle)
  3. Your name
  4. Your email address
  5. The year of creation

Novels are published one chapter at a time (on a monthly basis). If you’re planning to submit a novel, send only the first 5 chapters and a summary of the general plot.

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