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Badosa.com disseminates content of diverse authoring. The license associated with this content is also diverse. In general, we can distinguish the following types:

Literary content

© Badosa.com publishes literary works licensed by the users of the service. The terms of this license are set by the author of the work. By default, these works are published under copyright (©). Therefore, the authors retain all rights (except otherwise noted at the foot of the published text): the republication of the literary contents of Badosa.com requires the express permission of the author (contact us to get in touch with the author).

Non-literary content

Licencia Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Content produced by Badosa.com is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. In general, content produced by Badosa.com is the content that is not attributed to any author.


Creative Commons GNU General Public License For the operation of the site, it has been necessary to develop software code. The source of some of the software is accessible on the net (for example, javascripts). If it is not established otherwise, these programs are under a Creative Commons GNU General Public License. It should be remembered, however, that such programs can make use of external libraries or functions that have their own licenses.


This site does not require registration and does not keep personal data. We rely on Google Analytics (GA) to track the use of the service. Read GA’s privacy policy. Badosa.com uses its own cookies to remember your preferences. Our hosting provider has access log files that keep track of the IP address of all requests.

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