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Novel • 31,524w • French
Worldwide Classics RSS / February 2000
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Ebook In this short psychological novel of 1816 by Benjamin Constant, the young and hesitant Adolphe describes his relationship with Ellonore, a woman older than himself. Adolphe is of course Benjamin Constant while for the character of Ellonore he mainly drew inspiration from Anna Lindsay, one of his lovers, and from Madame de Stal, writer, thinker and political figure at that time, with whom Benjamin Constant kept a long and fluctuating passion.

Ellnore obtint ds son arrive d’tre rtablie dans la jouissance des biens qu’on lui disputait, en s’engageant n’en pas disposer que son procs ne ft dcid. Elle s’tablit dans une des possessions de son pre. Le mien, qui n’abordait jamais avec moi dans ses lettres aucune question directement, se contenta de les remplir d’insinuations contre mon voyage...

Keys: amour, coeur, vie, pre


I have just completed the small but fascinating book Adolphe by Benjamin Constant. It was so entertaining and insightful. I am now reading The Red Notebook. Both are printed together in a Signet Classics volume, published in 1959. I found this book while browsing through a bookcase at my cottage. I have no idea how the book got there; maybe it was left by a guest. It has obviously been there for some time judging by its appearance. But I can never bring myself to throwing out a book and in this case am very glad I didn’t. I truly am enjoying this writer which is why I Googled him and am now writing this e-mail.


Hola, he ledo a Benjamn Constant (Adolfo), me parece un ser increblemente excepcional. Me encanta su forma de narrar, su simplicidad, su honestidad al expresar, sencillamente maravilloso. Me gustara poder leer Cline, pero no s cmo ubicar esa novela. Gracias por la pgina.


Convindria incloure La llibertat dels antics comparada amb els moderns de Constant a la seva entrada. Felicitats per Badosa.com.

Salvador Giner

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