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Truffles and other poems
By Duane Locke RSS
Poetry • 940w • English
A Hot January RSS / March 2004
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Five multicultural poems by Duane Locke, Doctor of Philosophy in Renaissance Literature and author 14 books.

  • The gods never grieve over death,
    or consider historical time to be correct
  • Two scholars of Chinese Seventeenth Century
    K’ang-hst K’oou fragments sat at an Al Fresco Caf
  • Tithonos and Eos
  • Anchises to Aphrodite
  • Truffles
The stones in his mouth did not interfere with speech.

It was a Grecian method for improved oratory...

Keys: life

Truffles and other poems

Having read Duane Locke’s poetry for some several years, I am delighted to find Truffles and other poems on your site. Fascinating, fetching, and excited barely scratch the surface in noting the quality of each of Duane’s poems. Also having the opportunity to read the other selection you have published of Duane’s, I urge you to continue publishing his poetry. I believe Duane is one of a half dozen poets worth reading today!

Fred Wolven
Truffles and other poems

I peeped firstly over this highly-mysterious poems without any interest but, reading them thorougly later I stayed highly surprised because of its first-rated quality as for its forms and thoughts, mixing diferent miths. Off! I like writing texts of the kind but quite far in beauty and perfection if compared with this. Thanks.

Jos Manuel
Truffles and other poems

(This opinion is not about a particular work by Duane Locke.) Mr. Locke’s poetry and photograghs really "rock". He, is truly one of the greats... please, publish more!!!!!

Tom Morrison

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A Hot January is a collection of contemporary poetry in English.



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