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Sirens and other poems
By Duane Locke RSS
Poetry • 398w • English
A Hot January RSS / December 2000
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Five poems by Duane Locke.

  • Sirens, sea gulls, mermaids, and other divinties
  • Tandaradei
  • Go home to your tutor, darkness
  • Venus
  • Stressa
«Sea girls with whole human bodies,

Mermaids, human bodies above,

Fish bodies below, sing songs...»

Keys: light, song, sea

Sirens and other poems

(This opinion is not about a particular work by Duane Locke.) Mr. Locke’s poetry and photograghs really "rock". He, is truly one of the greats... please, publish more!!!!!

Tom Morrison

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A Hot January is a collection of contemporary poetry in English.


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