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Cercle parallle
By Genevive Gaillard-Vant RSS
Short Story • 982w • French
Terre des mots RSS / August 2004
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The act of writing as a parallel circle. A short story in French by Genevive Gaillard-Vant.

Le papier recycl ce matin est de couleur sombre. Un bleu nocturne. Sur la table de bois, inlassablement, ses doigts tachs, bougent. Lentement. Le pinceau glisse d’un trait sr. Minutieux. Alors sans retouche, l’homme ajoute un cercle flamme, qui pourrait, selon l’interprtation, ressembler au soleil poursuivant sa route sur les vagues...

Keys: papier, homme

Cercle parallle

Well you surely made it, GGV!!! Same taste, same enjoyment reading your words, over and over. Keep the fantastic work, at the end the stars for you are just BRILLIANT.

Cercle parallle

Hey, almost missed that one. I read it twice first and then some more times with as much pleasure. What an imagination. What a talent. Wow, good and so good. S seor.

Rapahel Hubbard

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Terre des mots is a collection of short stories in French.



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