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Hros de Bagdad
By Genevive Gaillard-Vant RSS
Short Story • 2,125w • French
Terre des mots RSS / October 2003
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A poetic chronicle about an impossible encounter by Genevive Gaillard-Vant.

Le crachin de la nuit soulve au dehors une odeur agrable d’herbes crues et de terre. De la fentre, je regarde sous les arbres, les battements d’ailes des golands, la mer s’tirant l’horizon...

Keys: temps, monde, images

Hros de Bagdad

Just read your new story here. So very proud of your work!!! You made it! Now only the sky is the limit... Wonder where all this emotion comes from but so very very beautiful are your words in French. With love. Me, Sis and Kik


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Terre des mots is a collection of short stories in French.

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