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La nuit miraculeuse
By Genevive Gaillard-Vant RSS
Short Story • 958w • French
Terre des mots RSS / April 2003
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A tragic day in Haiti. A true story in French by Genevive Gaillard-Vant.

Au-dehors il fait nuit. Port-au-Prince et ses alentours sont dans une totale obscurit. L’horloge sur le mur marque prs de huit heures...

Keys: voix, porte, fille

La nuit miraculeuse

Genevive is a gifted writer. What a night, what a story. It is as if I was next to her and her son enjoying the egg rolls and duck sauce when suddenly I felt the gut wrenching rift, her husband’s courage and selflessness, as he is yelling for her to lock herself in with her kids as robbers are attempting to assassinate him just a few feet away. I command her for her willingness to share this horrible evening with us. One should keep in mind though that it is the story of a miraculous night. I can hardly wait to read the rest of it!!!

Daniel-Grard Rouzier
La nuit miraculeuse

J’ai lu avec plaisir La nuit miraculeuse qui relate d’une faon vibrante et pntrante, les faits vcus par l’auteur. Elle a su trouver les mots justes qui refltent d’une faon vivante l’angoisse et le dsespoir qui sont ressentis dans des vnements aussi tragiques et malheureux. Je lui adresse tous mes compliments et lui souhaite de continuer dans sa brillante trajectoire d’crivain et espre pouvoir lire trs bientt un autre de ses passionants rcits.

Marie-Antoinette Handal
La nuit miraculeuse

This is a beautiful story but quite shocking story. when will be the next publication of this author? I would love to read another of her short stories!

Tamara Depestre
La nuit miraculeuse

Genevive is an excellent writer, she captures your attention and makes you feel part of the story. Ombres du Temps, a novel occuring in Spain, takes one into the daily lives of the Spanish folks, their traditions, cultures, foods... The romance in Andalucia takes you into some daydreaming with a distinctive flavor of that area... I wish you could publish more short stories of her... Regards,

Alix Lafond
La nuit miraculeuse

Dcidment, tu es trs doue. Tu as la capacit de faire rire comme de faire pleurer. Revivre ces moments douloureux m’ont fait monter les larmes aux yeux. Compliments, Genevive, courts ou longs, tes rcits me plaisent beaucoup.

Michele C. Eyssallenne
La nuit miraculeuse

Moving account of an horror story. The author succeeded through her style (using the third person) in making us actually live, clearly and simply what she went through with almost the same intensity of emotion. A very beautiful and unique piece.

Maryse Pierre-Louis
La nuit miraculeuse

Quite a moving story! And so well narrated. This author attracts her readers so much into the action, it’s like seeing the scenes on a screen. We first read with great enthousiasm her novel Ombres du temps, which won the Prix Deschamps 2001. Genevive Gaillard-Vant to our opinion is greatly talented and deserves to be discovered. Thank you, we hope, for publishing on this site more of her work in the near future.

Anyssa Aflack
La nuit miraculeuse

La nuit miraculeuse is an astonishing story. What a world! A dramatic event but treated by the author with such a talent! I would definitely want to read more by this author.

Linda A. Chesner
La nuit miraculeuse

This is a well written short story. The author conveys very well the emotions and the intensity of the act.

Raymond Jean-Jacques
La nuit miraculeuse

Reading La nuit miraculeuse is indeed quite a shocking story but the art used by this author makes this astonishing situation turn into an amazing moment for its reader. She surely did make horror turn into such a beautiful story. I guess that is what makes the difference between an author and a special writer! I just also read Everlasting romanza; to me Genevive sooner or later will get very far with her great talent.

Marc E. Chesner
La nuit miraculeuse

J’ai eu le bonheur de lire Ombres du temps de Genevive Gaillard-Vant, ce fut des moments de pur dlice. La finesse de l’criture inaugure bien un nouveau grand talent. Aucun mot dplac, aucune provocation, malgr la profusion des mots, c’est manifestement un sentiment esthtique de l’crivaine pour ses lecteurs.

M-A Pressoir
La nuit miraculeuse

I have read some texts by this author, as good. She surely knows how to communicate the horror moment. And most reading her words brings a feeling of being there. Did like it very much. Waiting for some more, I hope.

Raphael Hubbard
La nuit miraculeuse

I’m not sure what I can say about the story. I am very confused. Maybe I am too young to understand, but would someone care to explain to me what exactly happened in the story? The structure of it and the plot, etc.

Rebecca Stanley
La nuit miraculeuse

C’est une histoire (conte) trs intressante. L’crivain expose finement des moments de terreur.

Hugo Moscoso Sorrosa
La nuit miraculeuse

Wow! C’est une histoire qui m’a rduit au nant en la lisant. Au nant ou presque, parce que j’tais insensible aux appels qui se faisaient autour de moi, mritant mon attention. Je me suis senti boulevers de l’absurdit de la violence sociale et politique de chez nous qui a fait tant de victimes. J’ose esprer que ce rcit, par son art indniable et l’urgence de son cri, nous ouvrira les yeux vers un horizon meilleur.

Guy S. Antoine

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