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Essence and Attribute
By Fernando Sorrentino RSS
Short Story • 648w • English
The Fictile Word RSS / September 2005
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A short story by Fernando Sorrentino about the essence of things. Or is it about its attributes? Translated from the original in Spanish by Clark M. Zlotchew. Also available in French (translation by Michel Casana).

On July 25, as I tried to hit letter A, I noticed a slight wart on the pinky of my left hand. On the 27th it seemed considerably larger. On the third of August, with the help of a jeweler’s loupe, I was able to discern its shape...

Keys: elephant, tail, pinky

Essence and Attribute

It is more than beautiful, that is all I could say. Thanx everybody for letting me comment.

The Butterfly
Essence and Attribute

(Esta opinin se refiere al conjunto de la obra de Fernando Sorrentino.) Un escritor que acude, que instala las voces que narran lo que creemos nuestra verosimilitud, como un adivino propietario de nuestra incredulidad. Adems, es alegre! Un abrazo para l, de parte de los alumnos de la Escuela Media 6 1 4 de Mar del Tuy.

Ana Candela Lpez - Diana Daz - Victoria Gonzlez - Bruno Chamorro - Milagros Lpez
Essence and Attribute

Texto circular pero las consecuencias son al revs, es muy original. Me hizo recordar a La metamorfosis de Kafka pero con un humor fresco que no entra en conflicto con la profundidad del contenido. Abunda el ahorro de las palabras en este extraordinaria historia la cual voy a recomendar a mis amigos. Saludos desde Miami.

Judith Ghashghaie

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The Fictile Word is a collection of short stories in English.



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