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Everlasting romanza
By Genevive Gaillard-Vant RSS
Short Story • 534w • English
The Fictile Word RSS / May 2003
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Something magical in Spain. A short story by Genevive Gaillard-Vant.

It was spring time, and all was new to her in Madrid. Between the crowd, after the play she went to see, on her program, he signed “the wicked destiny”...

Keys: moment, eyes, destiny

Everlasting romanza

Magic... and so, so very beautiful. “Que viva Espaa!” kind of movies I would love to see on a screen. An applause for this text.

Everlasting romanza

It was a dream again. She twists the story like a snake looking for some prey; you also travel in Spain, the folks, the gastronomy, los vinos tintos, everything is there with the cedar aroma... What a beautiful writer.

Alix Lafond
Everlasting romanza

Excellent book. It is so full of emotion and beautiful scenery. A breath-taking romance. I would give it a 10.

Bernadette Germain
Everlasting romanza

This work is not only Romantic but lets itself also be read with ease and enthousiasm.

Antoine Mdard
Everlasting romanza

Just loved it! Too bad I could not understand her first story written in French.

Roberta Campbell
Everlasting romanza

Few words, lots of images... Just loved it!

Everlasting romanza

What is amazing with Everlasting romanza is the simple style used by this author to tell the story. And a story which invited me to slide into the images. To my opinion this author has a lot of talent

Marc Edouard Garou
Everlasting romanza

How strange to read my own words on the screen. And the more I read it, the more I seem to enjoy seing my creation on another computer, in other countries I visit, with the eyes of an outsider, just as another ordinary reader. Thanks to the apreciation of my readers and most of all a big THANK YOU to Badosa.com for making all this possible. The motivation is now more than ever present. With the inspiration, some others call it the muse, I will try my very best to please everyone awaiting yet for more stories... With love to you all,

The author,

Everlasting romanza

J’ai eu le bonheur de lire Ombres du temps de Genevive Gaillard-Vant, ce fut des moments de pur dlice. La finesse de l’criture inaugure bien un nouveau grand talent. Aucun mot dplac, aucune provocation, malgr la profusion des mots, c’est manifestement un sentiment esthtique de l’crivaine pour ses lecteurs.

M-A Pressoir
Everlasting romanza

Sublime. Lots of images. Cinematographic. And the story in itself, brings tears like in the movies! LOVED IT.

Silkia Boutros

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