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Doctor Moreau Did It
By Fernando Sorrentino RSS
Short Story • 2,781w • English
The Fictile Word RSS / April 2005
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Meeting the parents of our significant other probably is one of the toughest test we have to endure in this life. The short story in Spanish by Fernando Sorrentino, now available in English. Translated by Michele McKay Aynesworth. Also available in French.

«Everything in life has its season. And so the day came when Marina said, “I want you to meet my folks...”»

Keys: sea, head

Doctor Moreau Did It

(Esta opinión se refiere al conjunto de la obra de Fernando Sorrentino.) Un escritor que acude, que instala las voces que narran lo que creemos nuestra verosimilitud, como un adivino propietario de nuestra incredulidad. Además, ¡es alegre! Un abrazo para él, de parte de los alumnos de la Escuela Media 6 1º 4ª de Mar del Tuyú.

Ana Candela López - Diana Díaz - Victoria González - Bruno Chamorro - Milagros López

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The Fictile Word is a collection of short stories in English.


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