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One of the greatest and most popular Victorian novelists, Anthony Trollope was born in April 24, 1815 in London. He was the son of a barrister who tried to achieve success in farming and failed in both fields. Due to the family’s poverty, Trollope was educated at several public schools where he was miserable and lonely and where he “had to form my plays within myself”: “I was always going about with some castle in the air firmly build within my mind.”

To escape from creditors the family flew to Belgium till the father died. The mother, Frances Trollope, decided to rescue the family from financial distress by becoming a writer. She was successful and supported the family through her writing (“At this time, and till my father’s death, everything was done with money earned by my mother.”)

At the age of 19, Trollope joined the postal service. He was employed at the Post Office most of his life. In his parallel career as a writer, Trollope did not began to earn any money by literary work till his forth book, The Warden (1855). The novel is the first in a series of realistic works about ordinary men and women set in the imaginary English county of Barsetshire. The other titles in the series are Barchester Towers (1857), Doctor Thorne (1858), Framley Parsonage (1861), The Small House at Allington (1864), and The Last Chronicle of Barset (1967). He is also the author of the Palliser series, a sequence of political novels on British Parliamentary life: Can You Forgive Her? (1864), Phineas Finn (1869), The Eustace Diamonds (1873), Phineas Redux (1874), The Prime Minister (1876), and The Duke’s Children (1880).

Ebook Anthony Trollope published more than 60 books (novels, travel books, short stories, essays). He died in London on December 6, 1882. His last novel, Mr. Scarborough’s Family, and his Autobiography (available at in ebook form) were published in 1883.

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Anthony Trollope

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