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The Iberian Horseshoe — A Journey
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Autobiografia • 37.215p • Anglès
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Ebook Travelling through Spain and Portugal. A literary non-fiction work by Steve Porter, from Scotland.

«The Sandeman silhouette, a figure with cape and a broad rimmed hat, was enjoying his eternal glass of port. Illuminated in the evening light but with his back to my camera, his anonymity remained intact...»

Claus: Spanish, time, day

The Iberian Horseshoe — A Journey

I have read some poems by Steven Porter and I liked them very much. He has a big poetry knowledge and a large sensitivity to write poems. Now I’m interested in his new book The Iberian Horsehoe because I want to know his point of view about Spanish people and about my country. I would like you to publish more things by Steven Porter.

The Iberian Horseshoe — A Journey

Just a note to let you know how much I dislike Steve Porter’s The Iberian Horseshoe. His arrogance makes me believe he’s an American in disguise. Cheers,

Wade Bell

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