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An Autobiography
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Biografia • 101.034p • Anglès
Worldwide Classics RSS / Novembre 2003
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Ebook In our 8th Anniversary, we are proud to announce the first publication in ebook form of the fascinating Autobiography of Anthony Trollope. The book by the Victorian author is a literary biography. Trollope writes about his miserable childhood and about his parents, but, above all, he writes about writing.

Trollope understands literature as a craftsmanship and his Autobiography could be called “A Memoir of the Craft.” He talks with insight about his books and his contemporaries, like Thackery, Eliot, or Dickens, and about the building of a career in the literary world: his early rejections, his relationship with publishers, the economics of publishing. The book is full of advice for the aspiring writer and it’s a pleasurable reading experience even for the reader not acquainted with Trollope’s novels.

«In writing these pages, which, for the want of a better name, I shall be fain to call the autobiography of so insignificant a person as myself, it will not be so much my intention to speak of the little details of my private life, as of what I, and perhaps others round me, have done in literature; of my failures and successes such as they have been, and their causes; and of the opening which a literary career offers to men and women for the earning of their bread...»

Claus: work, man, life

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